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EnvĂ­nate 'Benje Blanco' 2022 Canary Isands, Spain

EnvĂ­nate 'Benje Blanco' 2022 Canary Isands, Spain

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Listan Blanco

Canary Islands, Spain

 "Wine yourself" since 2005, this group of four friends has consistently been bringing us some of the most tasty wines from different areas of Spain. This is from just outside Santiago del Teide, high on the volcanic mountain Pico de Teide, overlooking the northwestern side of the island of Tenerife. 

The grapes are harvested by hand, destemmed and rested on their skins for 12-24 hours. The grapes were then pressed and fermented with native yeasts and without temperature controls by parcel in concrete vessels. After fermentation, the wine rested on its lees in a mix of used French oak vessels (30%) and two concrete tanks (70%). One of the concrete tanks developed a veil of flor (~30% of the wine
aged under flor), and all of the wine underwent spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Bottled without fining, filtering and with only a tiny addition of sulfur.

Jose Pastor

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