Q: When are you open?

A: 1-7 Monday-Wednesday, 11-9 Thursday-Saturday, 12-6 Sunday.

Q: Where do you deliver for free?

A: We offer free delivery for any order over $150 in New York. Orders less than $150 and outside New York will be calculated automatically based on weight and location.

Q: When do you deliver?

A: All shipments go out on Tuesday. We use UPS by default. If you need something expedited please let us know.

Q: Is my order ready for pick up?

A: Yes.

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: 1-6 days depending where you are.

Q: Can I return a bottle?

A: NYS law permits us to accept the return of goods that are defective; for such returns we offer a replacement of the same item, or we can refund a credit card, or we can issue a store credit.

Q: How does shipping work?

A: By arranging for transportation of your order, Williston Park Wines & Spirits is providing a service and engaging a common carrier on your/the buyer's behalf. In utilizing this service from us, you recognize the responsibility for complying with local regulations or tax requirements rests solely with you, the buyer. If we are unable to handle shipments to your area, we apologize for any inconvenience.

All packages must be accepted and signed by an adult at least 21 years of age. The buyer hereby agrees to take sole responsibility for complying with all laws regarding importation of alcohol into your state. Title to, and ownership of, all alcoholic beverages passes from Williston Park Wines & Spirits to the buyer in the State of New York, which is why New York sales tax is charged on your order.

You, the buyer, are solely responsible for the shipment of alcohol and responsible for any loss or damage to goods once they have left our premises. By placing an order on this site, you authorize Williston Park Wines & Spirits to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you and recognize that Williston Park Wines & Spirits is not liable for the condition of your wines upon delivery.