1) Pauline Reid

Great service! Owner is very knowledgeable! Will give a class to help you select đź‘Ź I enjoyed it.

2) Peter Julius Cosimo

Very friendly store with an unusual variety of wines. Great to shop from someone who is knowledgeable about what they are selling.

3) William Darmstadt

A great selection of reasonably priced wines. Ryan is super knowledgeable about wine so if you don't know exactly what you're looking for he'll lead you in the right direction. His Friday night classes are very informative in a very relaxed atmosphere. I recommend them to wine lovers and also if you don't know a lot about wine. I've learned a lot.

4) Linda C

Enjoyed wine tasting with Ryan. He knows it all, but always defers to your particular tastes. Great selection of wines that I was not familiar with, and now can't wait to share with my family. Thanks Ryan!

5) Michael Dargento

This has turned into our go-to wine shop. Our first visit we asked Ryan for some help selecting some bottles. He asked what we liked, what we were trying to pair it with and walked out with some incredible selections. You are not going to get a lot of the big name labels you are used to, but will not be disappointed with the selections they help you with, all of which are value priced. We have found some new favorite wines, a wine shop that that is owned locally, and a shopkeeper whose selections we know we can trust.

6) Gina Daniella

Wonderful atmosphere created by a super knowledgeable owner/teacher. My husband & I are huge fans of the wine classes! They are an awesome option for something to do in town on a Friday or Sunday. Eclectic crowd every time so far, we love the community Ryan is creating.

7) Emily St. Omer Roy

Our favorite wine store! Truly a differentiated selection at great prices. We appreciate the thoughtful selection of wines we wouldn’t find at other shops. It’s so great we travel here from Brooklyn!

8) Teddy Truesdale

My brother in law knows Ryan well so for my 30th he asked Ryan to put together a dozen bottles of his choice and ship them to me in Colorado. I was shocked when I got the gift and even more shocked that Ryan wrote personalized descriptions for all 12 wines. It was such a great gift and happy his business was supported with my gift. Hoping to do a zoom tasting with friends in the future! Thanks Ryan!

9) Kamal Ahmed

Excellent! Quality wines 🍷, fair prices and great service. Very satisfied indeed with my purchase from The WineStore!

10) Mike Grahlfs

My favorite liquor store. The Owner and staff are Knowledgeable and professional and they have a robust selection of wine and spirits. They have a very impressive selection of all types of wine and spirits! My wife and I walked out very satisfied with our purchase and also looking forward to our next!

11) Grant S

Friendly staff, good selection, excellent prices. Perfect spot to satisfy your wine and liquor needs.

12) Sean Burkett

Great selection of spirits and Ryan is a wealth of wine knowledge for a novice like me. I’m always able to find something delicious and in my price range.

13) Claire Kerr

This place is great with the best wines and best service! The owner is so nice and helpful! :)

14) Frankie Principe

I normally wouldn't write a review for a wine shop but this is the place to go if you care about wine in any way. The owner is incredibly knowledgeable and has an amazingly unique selection of wine. We live a little ways away but will be traveling here for our wine from now on.

15) Peter Bigit

Great spot! Ryan was super helpful and the place is clean and organized well. Great selection too. This will be a staple on my errands route from now on!

16) Michael Lupardo

Amazing place! Has a huge amount of products. New owners are very friendly and knowledgeable. Not to mention, the location is very convenient for me.

17) Kyle Bien

Great selection of wines and spirits. The owner was very knowledgeable and helpful with his recommendations.

18) Drinardo Nieto

Good prices and very friendly customer service.

19) Nicole Castellano

Love this place! There is an excellent selection of wines and the owner is super helpful and knowledgeable.

20) Lisa McArdle

A great assortment at great prices!