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Domaine la Bohème 'Picapol' 2021 Loire Valley, France

Domaine la Bohème 'Picapol' 2021 Loire Valley, France


Auvergne, Loire Valley, France

In 1998 Patrick Bouju started Domaine La Bohème in the Auvergne region of the Loire Valley. He has several small plots of vines around his village, some vines are up to 120 years old. Patrick is a one man show making some spectacular, fun, delicious wines. 

Picpoul is a grape that normally makes salty and fresh wines in the Languedoc. Patrick has made his Picapol by holding the juice briefly on the skins, which brings out the floral and red apples of the grape. Reminiscent of spicy and perfumed pear juice.

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